Documentation Community Team Meeting (February 2023)#

  • Date: 2023-02-06

  • Time: 20:00 UTC

  • This HackMD:

  • Discourse thread (for February)

  • January meeting’s report

  • Calendar event: (send your e-mail to Mariatta for an invitation)

  • How to participate:

    • Go to Google Meet and ask to be let in.

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Roll call#

  • Mariatta @mariatta

  • Petr @encukou

  • Erlend @erlend-aasland

  • Hugo @hugovk

  • Ezio @ezio-melotti

  • CAM @cam-gerlach

  • Jim DeLaHunt @JDLH

Reports and celebrations#

60 second updates on things you have been up to, questions you have, or developments you think people should know about. Please add yourself, and if you do not have an update to share, you can pass.

This is a place to make announcements (without a need for discussion). This is also a great place to give shout-outs to contributors! We’ll read through these at the beginning of the meeting.

  • devguide: Release cycle chart generated directly as SVG python/devguide#1034

  • PEP Pull Request templates are live. The feature needs some more polish from GitHub’s side to be fully useful

  • CAM’s script for keeping What’s New versions in sync is almost ready!

  • PEPs infra: relative links to ease development #2972, remove feedgen/lxml dependency to test Python 3.12-dev #2973, use dark grey instead of dark green for dark theme background #2977, use consistent ‘make html’ and ‘make dirhtml’ #2968 and ‘make htmlview’

  • Pradyun has a PR, python/peps#2992 on review to make the banners sticky; should be almost ready to go pending a few minor tweaks to browser-specific issues

  • PEPs topic PRs: PEP 1 and 12: Document Topic header #2995, Add a governance topic #2993, PEP 404: Add Python 2.8 to Release PEPs topic #2986


‘Internal’ items#

For and about the Community or Working Group

  • Trouble installing Python:


  • Overhaul Building the Documentation section for clarity


  • python/devguide#1020: Function signatures in docs (positional-only markers, defaults, [] syntax)

    • How discoverable is the [] syntax to today’s devs?

  • The docs mailing list (

    • This is linked from from “report a bug” section

    • python/devguide#1025

    • Mariatta file an issue or PR for Python docs

  • Release cycle chart in the Devguide

  • draft: Previews in pull requests #105 - need to set up RTD

    • Mariatta to set up an organization account on Read the Docs

Python Project Documentation#

Relating to,,, etc.


    • @CAM-Gerlach to improve the glossary. It can then be linked or copied to CPython docs.

    • improved glossary is part of PEP 639

Improve SEO for CPython docs#

  • (Hugo) OpenGraph metadata PRs:

    • About the extension creating social media cards, asked Ee and Julien about deploying all the images in

    • Hugo: I suggest we disable the images when available, then enable after testing the points raised in the issue (only enable for web docs, check translations, don’t include in archives)

PEPs styling#

  • (Hugo) I find the Google font, small size and tight spacing hard to read. The Google font loading causes a big initial layout shift. Trying it out with default fonts and spacing feels more readable, faster loads.



    • Originally discussed

  • CPython docs styling is waiting for Lutra docs

PEP Workflow#

Next meeting#

The docs team generally meets on the first Monday of every month.

We have a recurring Google Calendar event for the meeting. Let Mariatta know your email address and she can invite you.