Documentation Community Team Meeting (April 2023)#

  • Date: 2023-04-03

  • Time: 19:00 UTC

  • This HackMD:

  • Discourse thread (for April)

  • Meeting reports (the latest one might be an unmerged PR)

  • Calendar event: (send your e-mail to Mariatta for an invitation)

  • How to participate:

    • Go to Google Meet and ask to be let in.

    • To edit notes, click the “pencil” or “split view” button on the HackMD document. You need to log in (e.g. with a GitHub account).

By participating in this meeting, you are agreeing to abide by and uphold the PSF Code of Conduct. Please take a second to read through it!

Roll call#

(Name / @GitHubUsername)

  • Petr Viktorin (@encukou)

  • Mariatta (@mariatta)

  • CAM (@CAM-Gerlach)

  • Hugo (@hugovk)

  • Joanna (@jablonskidev)

  • Ned (@nedbat)


Welcome Joanna

Reports and celebrations#


  • Netlify preview links are in

  • Docs Editorial [Board?]

    • There’s editorial board (who’s in it, how to get the “authority”)

  • More feedback, input and questions from Joanna, hopefully!

    • what’s blocking people from contributing?

      • time, money

      • is there problem with some part of process

      • CAM: has been productive, but still have time & money constraints

      • lack of direction, authority

      • impostor syndrome, what can we do?

      • Needs organization, we can do something about it

      • Funding: some programs exist like Season of Docs

      • Contributing to docs is considered second class. (It is not here).

    • volunteering

      • we can’t tell people what to do, but we can guide and direct them.

  • potential tasks/issues for PyCon US sprint

    • moving PEP 636

  • who wants to volunteer to be the authority of editorial?

Python Project Documentation#

Relating to,,, etc.

Followups from last month(s)?

Next meeting#

The docs team generally meets on the first Monday of every month.

We have a recurring Google Calendar event for the meeting. Let Mariatta know your email address and she can invite you.