Documentation Community Team Meeting (September 2023)#

  • Date: 2023-09-05

  • Time: 19:00 UTC

  • This HackMD:

  • Discourse thread (for September)

  • Meeting reports (the latest one might be an unmerged PR)

  • Calendar event: (send your e-mail to Mariatta for an invitation)

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    • Go to Google Meet and ask to be let in.

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Roll call#

(Name / @GitHubUsername / Discord if different)

  • CAM Gerlach / @CAM-Gerlach

  • Daniele Procida / @EvilDMP

  • Petr Viktorin / @encukou

  • Adam Turner / @AA-Turner

  • Hugo van Kemenade / @hugovk

  • Maciej Olko / @m-aciek / @m_aciek

  • Ryan Duve / @ryan-duve

  • Marcus Sherman / @betteridiot

  • Erlend Aasland / @erlend-aasland

  • Ege Akman / @egeakman

  • Ezio Melotti / @ezio-melotti


  • Maciej, from Poland, works on Polish translation

Reports and celebrations#


  • [Hugo] python-docs-theme:

    • Need a release of 2023.8 to fix some dark theme bugs: python/python-docs-theme#152

    • Have a PR ready to release using Trusted Publishers, need someone to set it up on PyPI: python/python-docs-theme#148

    • These are both waiting on people who can make releases. Adam: should we review the group of people who can make releases, and look to expand it? Potentially ties in to a Python organisation on PyPI.

  • [Ege/Hugo/CAM] Updates and discussion on Plausible hosting:

    • PSF folks opposed to self-hosting

    • Paid hosting is a little expensive

    • We got a 15% discount from them, which would be $1400-$1500 yearly

    • People brought up several motivating use cases already for this, including:

      • Translation prioritization for languages/pages

      • Automated translations

      • Determine how many people use backported branches

      • Determining if old pages are still needed/used

      • Potentially determine common broken links, maybe even fragment ids?

      • Prioritisation for documentation

    • If the budget is available, why not use it?

    • Next steps: CAM to write to Deb from the PSF with a summary of this discussion

  • [Maciej] Translations platform – trying to initiate discussion (Discourse thread)

    • Transifex has cut off shared memory (between projects) for open source tier, Rafael from Brazilian Portugese team implemented a workaround

    • Weblate – based on Django, open license, used by PyPI

    • The POC of Python docs translations/Weblate integration is functional, I’m working on improving it

    • Python docs don’t fit into free open source tier on Weblate – the initial proposition is 1500€/year (50% discount)

    • There is an option to self-host a Weblate instance

    • (Both platforms support using machine learning translation tools)

    • Next steps: Contact the PSF with assistance from CAM

  • [Ege] New bootstrapper for starting new Python docs translations

  • [CAM] Quick update on reStructured Data

    • Summary

      • Mechanism to extract, process and output structured, machine-readible data from the Python docs

      • Initial focus on deprecations/removals per user requests, then additions/changes and finally other annotations (supported platforms, stable ABI, audit events, etc.)

      • Output a JSON per version and language for tool and API consumption

      • Also output tables of all/specific deprecations/removals (or other changes) in the What’s New and on a new dedicated Deprecations/Removals page.

    • Progress

      • Further considerable work on design document, schema, etc.

      • Developed initial working implementation and prototyped/tested most planned features

      • Discussed current approach at some length with Adam and currently making some significant changes based on his feedback

      • Next steps: Re-scoping to focus on the basic features needed

    • Learn more

  • [Hugo] Python 3.12.0 is out on 2023-10-02! Any finishing touches needed for What’s New In Python 3.12?

    • [CAM] Was planning to finish this at the core dev sprints, but didn’t realize the final release date was so much earlier than last year

    • [CAM] Wanted to be able to use the new reStructured Data directive to list deprecations, removals, additions and changes in the appropriate places following the existing format, but too late for that now

    • [CAM] May be able to use it to help guide the process, but timeline is going to be tight

  • [Daniele] How much appetite/consensus is there for an iterative workflow? Discussion in Discord

    • Petr and Daniele can adapt the Discord messages into a Discourse thread and post that for further feedback and consensus

Next meeting#

The docs team generally meets on the first Tuesday of every month.

We have a recurring Google Calendar event for the meeting. Let Mariatta know your email address and she can invite you.