Documentation Community Team Meeting (October 2023)#

  • Date: 2023-10-03

  • Time: 19:00 UTC

  • This HackMD:

  • Discourse thread (for October)

  • Meeting reports (the latest one might be an unmerged PR)

  • Calendar event: (send your e-mail to Mariatta for an invitation)

  • How to participate:

    • Go to Google Meet and ask to be let in.

    • To edit notes, click the “pencil” or “split view” button on the HackMD document. You need to log in (e.g. with a GitHub account).

By participating in this meeting, you are agreeing to abide by and uphold the PSF Code of Conduct. Please take a second to read through it!

Roll call#

(Name / @GitHubUsername [/ Discord, if different])

  • Hugo van Kemenade / @hugovk

  • Petr Viktorin / @encukou

  • Ned Batchelder / @nedbat

  • Daniele Procida / @evildmp

  • Mariatta / @mariatta

  • Marcus Sherman / @betteridiot

  • Adam T / @AA-Turner

  • Ryan Duve / @ryan-duve

  • CAM Gerlach / @CAM-Gerlach

  • Ege Akman / @egeakman

  • Carol Willing / @willingc / carolwilling

Reports and celebrations#


  • [Adam] Frequency of rebuilds of python/docsbuild-scripts#163

    • Is it OK for the PDFs to lag behind the HTML pages?

    • We could build English HTML every 4-6 hours but translations & PDFs only daily.

    • We don’t know how long the build takes.

    • Could we move to Read the Docs?

    • Perhaps redirect 404s for archives that aren’t build yet to earlier versions: could serve HTML that explains things and links to ?

    • Action: Adam to write up something & ask Julien.

  • [Hugo] Adopting opengraph preview images for d.p.o: python/docsbuild-scripts#147

  • [Adam] Shutting down

    • Action: Petr to think about / redirect posts to GH Issues.

  • [Mariatta/Joanna/Ned] PEP for Python Editorial Board

  • [Ege] What is the status of “analysing using Google Search Console”?

    • Would have been nice to have, but doesn’t look feasible for now. Hopefully, it will be discussed along with Plausible hosting.

    • We can look into alternatives, such as Google LightHouse.

  • [Ege/Hugo/Maciej/CAM] Plausible & Weblate hosting updates (response from the PSF?)

    • [CAM] Emailed Deb a couple weeks ago with the summary of our consensus on the last meeting, but still waiting (again :( ) on a reply.

Next meeting#

The docs team generally meets on the first Tuesday of every month around 19:00-ish UTC.

We have a recurring Google Calendar event for the meeting. Let Mariatta know your email address and she can invite you.